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Her true passions are sweet potatoes and the violin, in which her playing is as atrocious as Gian's singing.Like Gian, she is also tone deaf to her horrendous violin playing.She wishes to be a nurse or an air-hostess when she grows up. Shizuka loves her dolls a lot, to the extent that she loves them more than her own friends.She once freed a little bird from a bundle of strings it got caught in. When she was unable to save the Grandfather Tree, she was devastated but later felt relieved when she saw a little sprout from the Grandfather Tree stump.In the English dub, her personality has been partially rewritten as a more tomboyish an athletic personality (although her kind and sweet nature remains), because during a screen test, American kids did not quite understand her original personality.Shizuka loves Nobita more than any of her friends, but she gets angry when he looks at her bathing and sometimes his rude and perverted behavior.

In one episode, she misunderstood and thought Nobita had beaten up Gian, and she was very concerned for him and angry at Nobita.

Nobita (or anyone else) peeking in her bathroom while she is bathing Nobita (or anyone else) staring at her skirt being lifted Nobita (or anyone else) trying to touch her inapproiately Gian and Suneo bullying Nobita Nobita giving up easily People laughing at others Anyone mistreating animals Parul Bhatnagar (Hindi cast)Shiarpha Reuannak (Thai cast) Sonia Torrecilla (Spanish cast)Fátima Casado (Spanish cast, 2003-2006)Federica Valenti (Italian cast; second dub-2005 anime)Maia Baran (French cast)Olga Supervia (Catalan cast)Beata Wyrabkiewicz (Polish cast)Bárbara Lourenço (European Portuguese cast)Cristina Hernandez (Latino cast)Alaa Khader (Arabic cast)1979 anime: Cristina Hernandez (Latino cast)Sonia Torrecilla (Spanish cast, 2001-2003)Fátima Casado (Spanish cast, 2003-2006)Meritxell Ané (Catalan dub, first voice)Carla Comaschi (Italian cast)Bárbara Lourenço (European Portuguese cast, second dub)Márcia Gomez (Brazilian Portuguese cast)Anika Hossain (Bengali cast; most episodes)Maffia Choudhury (Bengali cast; two episodes)Parul Bhatnagar (Hindi cast)Bouthayna Shaya (Arabic cast) Minamoto Shizuka), or Sue in the American and UK versions, is one of the main characters in the series, being the main female character.

In the future after marrying Nobita, she is also known as Shizuka Nobi or Mrs. Shizuka's signature colour is pink, and she is usually represented by the colour pink.

Unlike Nobita, Suneo, and Gian, she is not a fan of video games, but she does like games like Pink Bubble (spoof of Kirby's Dreamland) and Dino World (spoof of Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island).

She cares for weaker people, abused animals, and neglected dolls.

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