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Read more about how it works and how to integrate Nabto into your device in the documentation or take a look at some examples. The Nabto services running in the cloud act only as a sort of telephone central - mediating direct, end-to-end encrypted connections.Once established, these services are out of the loop - as opposed to "traditional" cloud data scenarios where central services are involved in all interaction between clients and devices.With the device-id, you can seamlessly connect to the device, and read or visualize the data inside it.The data helps you to understand the usage, operation and working environment of the device, letting you make better and faster decisions.The license fees include unlimited use of mobile, desktop and M2M client binaries as well as unlimited transactions.[*]: Optional hosting, maintenance and support services available as well as a subscription based license scheme.See full price list One-time per device license one-time basestation ("cloud server") fee.Imagine that all electronic devices are born with their own individual device-id, to distinguish them on the Internet.

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Optional hosting of cloud services with 99.95% uptime guarantee.

This ensures lowest possible latency and maximum privacy as no data need to be stored outside the device.

For streaming applications, this means massive amounts of saved bandwidth for you as opposed to traditional relayed connections.

If a peer-to-peer connection cannot be established due the firewall configuration, the platform automatically falls back to a central relay (connection is end-to-end encrypted through the relay).

If client and device are located on the same LAN, the client can discover the device and establish a direct connection without the need for an Internet connection.

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