Islamic polygamy dating site

Like dating sites, the polygamy sites operate by matching detailed personal information and preferences. For a monthly membership starting at , there is unlimited browsing, with an upgrade fee added to contact a prospective partner.

Although there is no way of ensuring that a member is seeking a committed relationship, Chaiwala says his team verifies that emails and IDs are valid and the images sent are vetted for “decency.” He adds that the site is not for mail-order brides: seekers and their prospective partners should live in the same area, and their location is checked to make sure it matches their stated country., some members of the non-Muslim site are looking for more “polyamorous” relationships than conventional polygamy, in which one man may have two or more partners.“The notion of being multiply married is becoming more popular, especially around those who are nonmonogamous, and believe that our definitions of marriage don’t encompass the reality on the ground,” he says.

What’s the allure of polygamy in an age when multiple relationships are common, there are apps for cheating and few bat an eyelash over non-traditional living arrangements?

“Men can seek lots of relationships outside marriage — fast dating, strip clubs, visiting prostitutes,” says Chaiwala.

They are “educated, successful career women” who want marriage but may lack the time to devote to a partner, he says.“They have their desires fulfilled and they walk away without any accountability.With polygamy it’s honest, it’s responsible and there’s nothing to hide.“The law is about protecting women (from polygamy) but it means that women not legally married may live in social isolation outside the law.It creates a quagmire of legal and social issues.”Chaiwala, meanwhile, is hopeful that things will change. After 11 years of marriage and two children he admits he is no advertisement for his websites.

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